The exhibition consists of a series of works which contemplate matters of memory and time, the movement in space and time, in spite of decay and abandonment. A study on care and preservation. A tender game that is already lost.


Items of personal and collective memory are composited in away that stripes them away from their previous state and allow new spaces and  associations to emerge, charged with elements of holiness, hierarchy, protection and confinement.

The works are viewed through pieces of transparent glass and mirrors. The way they are placed suggests different points of observation and allows specific faces to emerge. The matters of the blind spot and illusion are crucial to the very construction of the works.


The materials used are mainly used domestic and decorative objects. Jars, porcelain miniatures and religious frames are turned into symmetrical spaces, peculiar totem and holy symbols.


The little masturbator, 2016, glazed ceramics, 7 pieces, dimensions: h:25cm/d:13cm

Totem & Tabou, 2016, glass, porcelain, mirrors, plastic, A(h:65cm/d:60cm), B (h:98cm/d:50cm), C (h:65cm/d:40cm)


Les Bourgeois, 2016, glass, porcelain, salt, wood, 55cm x 25cm x 35cm


Les Survivantes, 2016, glass, photography, wood, 500cm x 20cm x 110cm


Ουροβόρος, 2016, glass, train, wood, 140cm x 140cm x 155cm

Narcissist, 2016, mirrors, wood, glass, porcelain, 160cm x 110cm x 130cm